McCarthy Era in Fiction and Nonfiction

By happenstance earlier this fall, I happened to read two books that touched on the effects of the McCarthy hearings. Both books made me want to read more about this time. Walter Cronkite’s A Reporter’s Life talks a little bit about the effects of the “witch hunts” on some of his colleagues. Sara Paretsky’s mystery Blacklist uses the hearings as the secret behind some murders in the suburbs of Chicago. Both books are very interesting.

I have heard good things about the movie about Edgar R. Murrow, Good Night,  and Good Luck, but I haven’t seen it yet.

Here are some other books that will might interest readers about McCarthy, the Communist party in America and the fifties in general.

Blacklisted by history : the untold story of Senator Joe McCarthy and his fight against America’s enemies  by M. Stanton  Evans

Reds : McCarthyism in twentieth-century America by Ted  Morgan

The Redhunter : a novel based on the life and times of Senator Joe McCarthy  by William F. Buckley

American inquisition: the era of McCarthyism by  Ellen Schrecker

The red flag : a history of communism by David Priestland

Shooting star : the brief arc of Joe McCarthy  by Tom Wicker

McCarthy and the fear of communism in American history by Karen Zeinert.

The life and times of Joe McCarthy by Thomas Reeves

The McCarthy hearings by Philip Brooks

The red and the blacklist : the intimate memoir of a Hollywood expatriate by Norma Barzman

Words at war : World War II era radio drama and the postwar broadcasting industry blacklist by Howard Blue

Refugees from Hollywood : a journal of the blacklist years  by Jean Rouverol

Hollywood exile, or, How I learned to love the blacklist by Bernard Gordon

Tender comrades : a backstory of the Hollywood blacklist  by Patrick McGilligan

Inside out : a memoir of the blacklist by Walter Bernstein

Fellow travelers by Thomas Mallon