Vintage Clothing by the Book

We had a wonderful talk — on a very cold night — on the fashions of Downton Abbey by Karen Antonowicz. The audience asked many questions and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Ms. Antonowicz also does talks on other periods and we hope to have her back.

In the meantime for you fashionistas out there, you may like to try some books on the subject. Just type in Vintage Clothing in the search box in Enterprise and you’ll find 67 titles. Some of them are novels — the book group enjoyed Isabel Wolff’s A Vintage Affair — and some are books about collecting or wearing vintage clothing.

Did you know you can change how the search results show? Right above the words Select an Action is a set of 4 boxes. This switches to a thumbnail view of the cover (it looks like what you see at an online store.) While you can’t always judge a book by its cover, sometimes it makes it easier to decide what to look at.

The group at the talk also recommended Mr. Selfridge which is coming back for season 2 on PBS. Both the book and Season 1 are available in the SAILS system.