Calling all Local Authors!

We now have a way of indicating which authors are “local” in our system. ¬†Our definition of “local” is authors/illustrators/musicians/videographers from Bristol and Norfolk counties. In our catalog, we can set a field to LocalAuth and then we can run reports to make a list of these authors and artists.

Here are the people we have so far. If you know of other local authors, please let us know.

  • Donald Armfield
  • Clayton Batchelder
  • Justin Bienvenue
  • James Crowell
  • John B. Cummings, Jr.
  • F. G. Currie
  • Irene Davey
  • Marjorie Dix
  • Karen Dugan
  • Chuck Durang
  • Will Fontaine
  • Glede Browne Kabongo
  • Helen Keller (she lived for quite a while in Wrentham)
  • Jeff Kinney
  • Michael Kirby
  • Diane Kozak
  • Bob Lanpher
  • Bob Maskell
  • Richard Menoche
  • David Rubinstein
  • Richard Sherman
  • Mike Tougias (he now lives in Plymouth)
  • Bob Thurber
  • Chuck Veit

The Best Books of 2012 booklists are almost ready to be published. Watch for the links on our website. This year I’ve only read two of them.