Two more mysteries I loved

I will probably recommend The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at our June Book Pot Luck. Stieg Larsson’s Swedish mystery was very hard to put down. The title character, Lisbeth Salander, is a damaged young woman with a photographic memory, incredible hacker skills and warped moral values. She first researches a journalist for her part-time boss and later works for and becomes involved with the journalist, Mikael Blomkvist. Most of the book is about Mikael’s search for a girl who disappeared forty years previously. In the process he unearths serial killers and industrial corruption.

The 2nd book I finished this weekend — I love Patriot’s Day! — is Grave Goods by Ariana Franklin. This is the 3rd in the series featuring Dr. Adelia Aguilar, the medieval mistress of the art of death. While the actual mystery is fairly easy to figure out, the historical background is fascinating. King Henry II is trying to bring peace to the British Isles and justice by introducing a jury system. King Arthur and Glastonbury Abbey are at the heart of the mystery this time round. If you like historical mysteries and haven’t tried this series, you are in for a treat when you do.

The Soloist wrap-up

We had a very successful Books Open Doors town-wide read this year. The books were checked out over 165 times! The programs were well received — thank you to Prof. Gary Hylander and music teacher Kim Holster. Both the trial series and the Mozart/child prodigies talk have sent people scurrying to the shelves to find out more information. See below for links to recommended books about Mozart, intelligences, and prodigies.

For those of you who missed the showing from Inspired by Bach, you can check out the whole series from the library. It truly is inspired!

We are taking suggestions for next year’s Books Open Doors. What books might you like to read that would stimulate discussion and suggest different programs? Bring your ideas to the reference desk or leave a comment here.

Suggested Mozart Books

Clarke, Bruce Cooper.  The Mozart Starter Exploring the Universe of Mozart’s Music

Eisen, Cliff and Stanley, Sadie. The New Grove Mozart.

Glover, Jane. Mozart’s Women.

Gutman, Robert W. Mozart a Cultural Biography.

Melograni, Piero. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a Biography

Spaethling, Robert. Mozart’s Letters, Mozart’s Life.

Books on Multiple Intelligences and Creativity

Armstrong, Thomas. 7 Kinds of Smart.

Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly. Creativity Flow and Psychology of Discovery and Invention.

Gardner, Howard. Extraordinary Minds

Gardner, Howard. Frames of Mind

Goleman, Daniel. Emotional Intelligence.