Blind Date with OverDrive

This year those of you who like downloadable books and audios can still take part in the Blind Date with a Book in February.

Below you will read a description of the book. If it looks interesting, just click the link and you will be sent to Overdrive. Unlike the wrapped Blind Date, you will get to see the cover of the book before you download. The numbers do not correspond to the Blind Date display, but the descriptions do.

  1. Place: Earth. Time: Now. Over the last half-billion years, there have been five mass extinctions, when the diversity of life on earth suddenly and dramatically contracted. What — or who — will be the cause of the sixth? Ebook and Audio.
  2. Place: Colorado Time: Now. With beautiful prose, the author lets you into the lives of people facing death, loss, parent and child estrangement and other aspects of real life. But they take the time to enjoy the “precious ordinary.” Ebook
  3. Place: Earth and space. Time: now. True story of an American astronaut who had spent over 500 days in space. Ebook
  4. Place: Dublin, Ireland. Time: 1960s. Being a woman is not easy in these times. An inspiring story of friendship, hope, and unyielding courage. Ebook
  5. Place: US and the Moon. Time: 50 years ago. Whether you remember the events in this book, or you are interested in space, this author does a great job setting the context of the time and the accomplishment of the men and women who helped us leave Earth. Ebook and Audio
  6. Place: America. Time: 1908. A mission that encompasses dreadnought battleships, Teddy Roosevelt’s Great White Fleet, Chinatown, Hell’s Kitchen, and the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Ebook
  7. Place: United States Time: Now. Two close lawyer friends are on opposite sides of a very public murder trial. Throughout the book, you are left wondering who you can believe as the victim, defendant and all of the witnesses have something to hide…do the defense and prosecuting attorney’s also have hidden secrets or agendas? Ebook and Audio
  8. Place: Phoenix and Los Angeles. Time: 2004. Kids from the desert who had never even seen the ocean build an underwater robot for a competition. A story about overcoming insurmountable odds and four young men who proved they were among the most patriotic and talented Americans in this country. True story. Ebook
  9. Place: New England and the Grand Banks. Time: End of last century. True story of swordfishing and sailing. Ebook
  10. Place: New York and Appalachian North Carolina. Time: Now and beginning of 20th century. You’ll travel between two time periods and experience the lives and loves of two women who are broken but fighting for their place. The setting is so rich you can see every word. Ebook
  11. Place: United States. Time: 1950s. A taut and tortured story about one man’s desperate search for himself in a world disfigured by war. Ebook and Audio
  12. Place: Alaska and Oregon. Time: End of 19th century. Travel where few white men have gone before and experience the heartache of absence from your loved ones and home. Ebook and Audio
  13. Place: Boston and the sea. Time: Now. For readers who enjoy learning about animals or just love animals or are just curious about life. Ebook
  14. Place: France. Time: WWII. An American fighter pilot shot down, a woman turned prostitute as a way to survive, the French resistance — all of these players need each other, but can they trust each other? Ebook
  15. Place: Pennsylvania. Time: Now. If you like romantic books where the author draws you into the story, placing you right into the scene with the characters then this might be the date for you. Ebook
  16. Place: Scotland. Time:?? The annual Edinburgh festival draws six unique and vibrant individuals, who all come together to follow their dreams. Audio
  17. Place: London. Time: Current. Weird, wacky, and on the wild side of wonderful. The author is a character in this mystery as he records a great detective trying to solve a strange murder. Ebook and Audio
  18. Place: Nantucket. Time: Recent. The book is about autism, but also about the amazing sisterhood of women, about rocky marriages, grief, feeling  interminably isolated, and what it takes to make us feel wanted, happy, secure, and loved. Ebook
  19. Place: London. Time: Current. A murder without a body? Or is something else going on? What secrets are the neighbors hiding? Ebook
  20. Place: Northumbria, England. Time: Current. A cold case involving corruption, trafficking, drugs, blackmail, abuse, adoption, and murder that may just end up hitting a little too close to our detective’s home.  Ebook
  21. Place: Norway and Denmark. Time: Now. Two parallel stories: one of two mysterious deaths and the other of the strained relationship between mother and son. How will the stories intersect? Ebook
  22. Place: England. Time: Now. A cozy mystery with jealousy, greed, missing heirlooms, a SECRET ROOM, drugs and two deaths. Ebook
  23. Place: Atlanta with a side trip to Seattle. Time: Now. If you like high-emotion, roller coaster of a story, try this date. Then come to Maggie to talk about the ending!  Ebook and Audio
  24. Place:?? Time: Now. A complicated set of characters with complicated backstories. While this story is weighted with a heavy sadness, it also has equal parts dry humor and wit. Ebook and Audio
  25. Place: England. Time: Well that is the question. If you could do it over, and over, and over, and over, what would you do differently? Ebook and Audio.