Have a Great Ride with Audiobooks

A recent discussion on WBUR’s On Point with┬áTom Ashbrook was about audio books, their history and the current increase in popularity. That reminded me that it was the time of year to remind people of the various ways to access audio books for those long car rides.

The SAILS system has a large, over 20,000, selection of audio books for all ages, on all topics, and varying lengths. For families there are books such as the Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings series that appeal to a wide age range. Many of the young adult titles– The Hunger Games or frank-beddorFrank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars — are enjoyable for adults as well. There are classics — Treasure Island, Gulliver’s Travels, Just So Stories — that are good for all ages. To find the books in the catalog, just limit the search to Audio Books instead of Everywhere. Most of the titles will be on cd and most are unabridged.

Another option is the downloadable audios through OverDrive. These can be downloaded to an mp3 player or a smartphone and then accessed by bluetooth if you have it in your car. There are almost 3000 audio book titles in OverDrive and more if you use the Boston Public Library eCard.

For people without families, I recommend the books by Louise Penny, Spencer Quinn, Alexander McCall Smith and Patrick Tull as well as nonfiction titles such as Destiny of the Republic or A Walk in the Woods.