Reading in a Series

Like many other people, I enjoy reading books in a series with continuing characters. But, it is often hard to remember which books I’ve already read and what the order of the books are. Some authors also have spin-offs that don’t need to be read in the same order.

The new e-Catalog has some new tools that help us keep track of what books we want next and what books are part of a series. The first tool is called My Lists. When you’ve logged into the e-Catalog with your library card, you can go to Home/Search and then click on My Lists (on the green bar.) Create a new list in the New List box, add the list and then make it active. I named my list Series.

The next tool is the added information from LibraryThing. It includes a list of titles in a series. On the Home/Search page put in the author’s name or the title of any of the books. Then click on the blue title of the book. This brings you to the details page. In the right column will be the word Series, followed by the name of the series (Elm Creek Quilts, Sister Fidelma…) If you click on the name of the series, another window comes up with the titles of the books in order.

Click on the name of the first books you haven’t read and you will go to a details page again. Now Click in the box next to the words “+ to my active list.” To get back to the series list you have to click on the series name again (this part is a little clumsy.) You have to keep repeating these steps for as many books as you want.

To see your list, click on My Lists again. Your list of books will show up. To place a hold on one now, just click Details and then click on the blue Place Hold button. Your list will stay as part of your account so you only have to make it once. When you’ve already read the book, you can remove the title from your list.

You can also use My Lists to create lists of books you are thinking of reading — say you saw a good review, or someone told you about a good book. Make a new list called Recommended and add titles to it.

Hope this becomes easier than keeping all those lists in my purse!