Reading Aloud for Adults

A recent blog discussed what used to be — before television and probably radio — a common practice of having a Reading Party. People would read stories and poetry to each other. Some people are wonderful storytellers — and not just children’s librarians. My mother read aloud to us a lot when we were young and I still hear her voice reading tales such as The Wind in the Willows and Just So Stories in my head.

I enjoy reading aloud, but rarely get to do it nowadays. Sometimes I’ll read a particularly interesting part of a book to my husband. I have trouble with the funny authors such as Dave Barry or P.G. Wodehouse because I can’t stop laughing.

Would it be fun to read aloud favorite parts of books at our Book Pot Luck? Which authors work best for read aloud? Dickens was certainly read aloud in parlors all around the country and even the world when he was published. Jane Austen is fun to read aloud, though I’m not sure my husband is an enthusiastic listener. The new Woody Guthrie book (reviewed in the Prov. Journal on April 21, 2013) sounds like it would be good read aloud.

Let me know what you think.