Library as Community

If you are ever in the library when the North Needlers are meeting downstairs, you will hear a great deal of laughter. The same is true during our book discussion meetings. Both groups (of mostly women) have become friends in a comfortable, non-competitive way. We hear about trips members have taken, movies they’ve seen, suggestions for good reads as well as everyone’s work or families. In the morning there is a small group of men who share the news as they read the papers.

For many people it is hard to find a place to get together with companionable people. Even church — which used to be a standard gathering place — can become a “quick stop” on a Saturday or Sunday if one goes at all. The old clubs are just that: old. New members aren’t joining as they used to. People spend more time on Facebook than with people face-to-face.

The library can become a public place for people to meet, talk and create a “family” of comfortable people. Gone are the “shushing” librarians (though we do tell the kids to stop running.) Consider stopping by to talk with someone or, better yet, join one of our groups.

  • Book Discussion groups start up again in the fall: 2nd Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 and 4th Monday at 6 pm.
  • North Needlers (Knit and Crochet group): in the summer, 2nd and 4th Monday at 7 pm; during the regular schedule, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7 pm.
  • Writer’s Group: 1st Monday (usually) at 6:30 pm

If you have an idea of a different group, let us know!