Connect to Books!

I have been noticing interesting connections with some of the books I've been reading lately. It made me think of a hyperlinking in websites that would take you to somewhere else for more information. Here are some of my recent connections: The Boys in the Boat by Daniel Brown is the story of the 1938 … Continue reading Connect to Books!

Rewriting History

Rewriting History In 1984 the main character Winston Smith has the job of rewriting history every time that the government changes its position. When a citizen falls out of favor with the government, anything positive about the person needs to be expurgated from the newspapers, files and histories.  While the United States probably hasn't been … Continue reading Rewriting History

Dystopias in the Technological Age

Dystopias The two books chosen for the Community-Wide Read – Brave New World and 1984 – are both part of a literary genre called Dystopia. The key factor here is a frightening world, usually set in the future, where society had gone terribly wrong. The children's classic, The Giver by Lois Lowry, reveals a future … Continue reading Dystopias in the Technological Age

Thank You to Kade Crockford and Peter Ubertaccio

The program Thursday at the High School on the NSA and Privacy was fascinating. Kade Crockford had a wealth of information to share about the workings of the Executive Branch, in particular the career people involved in the security agencies. These people are there regardless of who is president, which may explain why policies seem … Continue reading Thank You to Kade Crockford and Peter Ubertaccio

Entertainment: Who’s in charge

Today's Entertainment It's not totally dating myself to fondly remember playing hopscotch. Even when I was teaching we drew hopscotch boards in the playgrounds. Granted the kids preferred soccer, 4-square, and later Pokemon and Magic The Gathering, but we could play games that didn't need any purchased equipment or material. One of the most chilling … Continue reading Entertainment: Who’s in charge