Bing vs Google — Is there a difference?

Advertisements work for me. The more I see those Sonic Drive-in ads, the more I want that Sonic Blast. I am contemplating those plugs that turn sideways so I can get the wires out of the way.

However, I am very dubious about Microsoft’s Bing vs Google ads. Everytime I’ve used Bing — mostly by accident — I have not found what I wanted. So I decided to test them out.

I was interested in finding some internet filtering software. Bing had 4 ads at the top and Google had 3. After that the first two results were the same, just in the opposite order. Both were good. I also looked at our magazine databases and didn’t come up with anything good.

I wanted some information about Civil War Art. Again there were more ads with Bing. Curiously, the sites that were suggested didn’t match this time. Bing came up with a Smithsonian site and a nice Civil War site that had an article about the art. Google came up with a National Geographic site, a teaching site, and some devoted to individual artists. The magazine database also came up with good articles. So it may depend on how “academic” your search is.

If you look up North Attleboro Public Schools, Bing fails miserably. The first several sites are yellow page sites. Google has the as its first choice.

I also looked up Argo to see if Bing had a snappier format. Both sites come up with information about the movie on the side, but Bing also had links to Facebook pages that reference the movie. Maybe that’s interesting to some people.

What experiences have you had?