Using Pinterest to Suggest New Books

I’m a book pusher. I admit it. I want people to find books that they love and for authors to find the audience that loves them. It has always frustrated me when I read a good review for a book that is coming out in a couple of months, have the library purchase the book, then totally forget what the book is about by the time it’s on the shelf.

I finally found a way to keep track of books with good reviews as I read about them. Using a combination of Pinterest and, I can look up the book on Goodreads and “pin it” to my Pinterest page, Books with Great Reviews. Check out what I’ve “pinned” so far. When the book is in the catalog, I’ll be adding links back to the catalog on Pinterest so it is easy to place holds. There is a link to this page from our website on the Reading/Fiction and Nonfiction Suggestions page.

We have also added a new section called Online Resources to Enterprise that shows up when you are logged in with this library for the catalog. It is in a box on the upper left hand side in the same space with Research Tools and Online Articles. The Online Resources include all of the “North Attleboro Library card” only materials we have such as history ebooks, the new Experiment Central for science fairs, Chilton’s, Legal Forms and a link to the Fiction and Nonfiction Suggestions page.

Have fun clicking around these resources and I hope you find some good books!