Real Spies — Are they among us?

I just got back from vacation that included a day in Washington DC (and it wasn’t any hotter there than it was here!) We visited the International Spy Museum which is across the street from Smithsonian American Art Museum. The spy place was great! I left it wanting to read more about the real spies that have existed throughout history.

After seeing the movie Argo, I did read Antonio Mendez’s book Master of Disguise. Mendez was pretty much self-taught at the beginning and then learned from several mentors: disguise methods, dead drops, slipping away from survellience. All fascinating!

Here are some other real-life spy stories:

Fair game 
Wilson, Valerie Plame.

Uncompromised : the rise, fall, and redemption of an Arab-American patriot in the CIA 
Prouty, Nada.

Blowing my cover : my life as a C.I.A. spy 
Moran, Lindsay.

Operation Solo : the FBI’s man in the Kremlin 
Barron, John, 1930-

Ghost : confessions of a counterterrorism agent 
Burton, Fred.

A spy’s journey : a CIA memoir 
Paseman, Floyd L.

My spy : memoir of a CIA wife 
Kiyonaga, Bina Cady.

The unknown CIA : my three decades with the agency 
Smith, Russell Jack.

The company we keep a husband-and-wife true-life spy story 
Baer, Robert.

Overworld : the life and times of a reluctant spy 
Kolb, Larry J. (Larry Jackson), 1953-

True men and traitors : from the OSS to the CIA my life in the shadows 
Doyle, David W.

Our man in Mexico : Winston Scott and the hidden history of the CIA 
Morley, Jefferson.

Wild Bill Donovan the spymaster who created the OSS and modern American espionage 
Waller, Douglas C.

A look over my shoulder : a life in the Central Intelligence Agency 
Helms, Richard.
Preferred Shelf Number 92 HELMS

See no evil : the true story of a ground soldier in the CIA’s war on terrorism 
Baer, Robert.

Spy dust : two masters of disguise reveal the tools and operations that helped win the Cold War 
Mendez, Antonio J.

Code name Kindred Spirit : inside the Chinese nuclear espionage scandal 
Trulock, Notra.

The spy who got away : the inside story of Edward Lee Howard, the CIA agent who betrayed his country’s secrets and escaped to Moscow 
Wise, David, 1930-

Enter the past tense : my secret life as a CIA assassin 
Haas, Roland W., 1952-

The Cambridge spies : the untold story of Maclean, Philby, and Burgess in America 
Newton, Verne W.

Treason in the blood : H. St. John Philby, Kim Philby, and the spy case of the century 
Brown, Anthony Cave.

Molehunt : searching for Soviet spies in MI5 
West, Nigel.

The crown jewels : the British secrets at the heart of the KGB archives 

Anthony Blunt : his lives 
Carter, Miranda, 1965-

The haunted wood : Soviet espionage in America– the Stalin era 
Weinstein, Allen.

Spy hunter : inside the FBI investigation of the Walker espionage case 
Hunter, Robert W., 1936-

Alger Hiss : why he chose treason 
Shelton, Christina.

Double cross [the true story of the D-day spies] 
Macintyre, Ben, 1963-

Agent Garbo : the brilliant, eccentric secret agent who tricked Hitler and saved D-Day 
Talty, Stephan.

I made this linkable list using the list function in Enterprise. I emailed myself the list and it had the links. Much easier than the old way of making a list.