Goodreads Groups and the Library

Many library patrons have signed up for which is a book-sharing, book recommendation, and book list storing site. Members can search for book suggestions based on what they have read previously, or search by genre or author. There are also Goodreads Groups. I have just joined one for Terry Pratchett readers. There is a book suggestion each month and a place to comment about it.

I wonder if anyone out there would be interesting in starting a couple of Goodreads groups for the library. We could have a group that shares good audiobook titles and voice talent. Another could be for good OverDrive books. Let me know if you would be interested and I’ll set it up.


One thought on “Goodreads Groups and the Library

  1. There is a Goodreads audiobook group already with over 6000 members. Not everyone wants to use Goodreads after it was bought up by Amazon. Audiofile recommends books, but they aren’t ones we necessarily have.

    Audiobooks I love: The Good House by Ann Leary, The Story Hour by Thrity Umrigar, anything by Spencer Quinn or Louise Penny.

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