Keeping Warm While We Wait for Summer

Snowman in chairWhen the sight of all that snow gets to be too much, it is time for some activities to cheer you up. Here are my suggestions.

1) Read some books that take place in sunny places and times. Elin Hilderbrand¬†writes about life on Nantucket (primarily) and take place during the summer. Jacqueline Mitchard’s Still Summer takes place on a cruise. Just put in Summer-Fiction as a Subject term and you’ll have lots of choices.

2)Take out some travel books to plan where you would go if you won the lottery.

3)Check out some books about soups and stews and plan a warm meal with lots of leftovers. One of my friends had a soup party in her neighborhood. Add fresh bread out of the oven and you will definitely feel warm.

4)For non-library activities, I suggest trolling Pinterest to look at some beautiful pictures. Here’s an example of a board that makes you sigh and dream. You could start your own Pinterest board of places that make you feel warm. Put on the Beach Boys or some summery music while you browse.

5)Take up knitting or crocheting. We have plenty of books at all sorts of levels. Scarves and afghans are very forgiving for beginner knitters.

6)Write letters to some friends. There is nothing like getting an actual piece of mail.

7)If you are really going stir-crazy, you can take to organizing your book lists. Some people like to keep track of what they want to read on Goodreads; others make wish lists on the Enterprise catalog.