Music Advisory: What one library is doing

Jacksonville Public Library, in Florida, has begun a Music Advisory service that creates personalized playlists for patrons of its library. I am in awe! I’m not sure how you can tell what music one person will like based on what else they like. It seems easier to me with books. You can usually judge the pacing, characterization, writing style, atmosphere and plot of a book, even if you haven’t read all of it.

Check out the postings of the Jacksonville lists at

Do you agree with their suggestions?

We have many patrons who order music through the system, but we have only a small collection (and only limited shelf space.) If we rearranging some collections, we hope to purchase more music.

What music do you think we should add to the collection?

On the 100 book front: I hit 100 books as of Thanksgiving weekend. I may get my book on cd done by Thursday, Dec. 1, in which case I’ll have gotten to 101 with a month to go! Favorite book so far has been Bruce Courtenay’s The Power of One which we will be reading for book discussion this winter.

Good book combination: Sarah’s Key, Vintage Affair and Train in Winter (by Caroline Moorehead) all feature France during WWII and concentration camps, informers and secrets.