Blind Date with A Book

blind date with a book2Last February I was over at Rehoboth’s Blanding Free Public Library and noticed an interesting display. There were a number of books wrapped in brown paper with writing on the outside giving a sort of teasing description of the book inside the wrapping. The display was titled “Blind Date with a Book.” It turned out to be a nationwide library display, usually for the month of February. So why not us, I thought.

As we were shifting the fiction this summer, I found┬áthat there were quite a few books that had received A’s on the blue rating slip in the back, several of them books I hadn’t read. It dawned on me that this would be a great source of books for the Blind Dates. With the help of the staff I have been collecting a list of books that received A’s and chose around 50 of them for the display. Then I checked on to make sure the books seemed okay with their readers as well. For the nonfiction books, I picked books that were popular with our book discussion groups over the past 16 years or were popular with staff members.

Here’s how the Blind Date works.

  1. In February the main display near the elevator will be filled with books covered in brown paper.
  2. On each book is a short teaser description to let you know what you might be in for if you take this book home.
  3. You check the book out as usual. There is a duplicate barcode on each cover.
  4. Your job is to wait to unwrap the book until you get home and to give it a chance. It might not be something you normally read, but you might still like it.
  5. If you don’t care for the book after about 50 pages, don’t feel you have to finish it. After all, not all blind dates work out. Just bring it back.
  6. Each book has a pink review slip in it. Please fill it out and put it in the Review box at the display (or give it to a staff member.) Put your name and phone number on it for a chance to win a prize at the end of the month.