Start a New Tradition This Year

November and December are full of holidays that have memorable family traditions. It might be the particular food you make and eat, or the decorations you put up, or the songs you sing. My brother and his wife always read to each other The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson and watch a number of different Christmas Carol movies. I used to make a new Christmas ornament for each member of my family. Our knitting group makes hats to give away for charity.

Now might be a good time to think about creating a new tradition for yourself.

  1. Pick a movie that your family (or just you) want to watch. We bought a number of Christmas-themed movies last year such as Charlie Brown’s Christmas, Twelve Films of Christmas (Lifetime)
  2. Choose a music album you want to share with your family.
  3. Find a book or a poem to read aloud in front of the fireplace (or just in front of the turned-off television.) Classic tales such as The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry or maybe a story about Thanksgiving Day from The Holiday Spot.
  4. Find a craft that you and your family might like to do together. My husband and I once tried making a gingerbread house together and failed miserably, but I’m sure there are ideas that would work with a group.
  5. Get a holiday jigsaw puzzle to do together.
  6. Find a board game that you can do with your family. Several games are good for many ages such as Uno and Banagrams.
  7. Try a new recipe — especially if someone in your family needs to be gluten-free, or is a vegetarian.
  8. Make cookies and share them with friends or neighbors.
  9. Collect toys to give away to the homeless or people at the food pantry. Many people donate food and warm clothes at this time of year, but there is also a need for things like chapstick and tissues.
  10. Find a holiday concert to attend.

What else might someone do as a new tradition?