Food Traditions — Make Some New Ones

During our discussion of The School of Essential Ingredients during November, we talked about different food traditions. New England Thanksgivings tend to be similar, but other parts of the country have different favorite foods at this time of the year. And, the December holidays are loaded with a variety of traditions, food and activities.

One suggestion made by one member of the group was for homemade  cranberry sauce using the basic recipe on the bag, but adding orange juice instead of water  and orange rind to add some zest. I remember a tomato casserole that my roommate in the 1970s made for her family that was really good. I haven’t found my copy of the recipe yet.

The Feast of Seven Fishes, which I thought was a typical Italian meal for Christmas Eve, Cranberry-Sauce-2turns out to be mostly for Southern Italy, and not for Italians in general. There were so many Southern Italians that settled in this area during the last century that we sometimes forget that Italy has several unique regions.

Check out these websites for some new ideas:

Christmas Recipes Around the World

Vegetarian Hanukkah

Gluten-Free Holiday Recipes

What are some of the recipes you make that are important to your family’s holidays?


Helping You Find the Books You Like

There are so many new books coming out each month that it is hard to choose what to buy for the Library and hard for you to decide what to read. We have some new activities going on that should help you.

Romance Reader Survey: Throughout the month of January we will be surveying romance readers to help us choose the books they want to read. Paper surveys are available at the library and can be returned there. There is also an electronic survey that you can take.  We’ll be doing more surveys in the future.

New “1st in a Series” stickers on mysteries and fiction. When you start a new series, you probably want to start at the beginning. We have labeled many of the first books in a series with red stickers to help you find the series. We are also trying to buy the 1st book if we don’t already own it.

The Best Books of 2014 lists are available in two ways: one is as a newsletter and the other is on our Pinterest board. Both methods have links back to the Enterprise/SAILS catalog. You can comment on the books on the Pinterest board.

We always welcome your suggestions and your “reviews” on the blue slips in the books. It helps us give you more of what you are looking for.