Results of the Adult Programming Survey

Thank you to the 45 people who filled in our Adult Programming Survey. It’s not too late to add your 2ยข.

The five most popular topics for adult programming are history, book discussions, cooking demonstrations, gardening and movies. We already have some history programs in the works supported by the Attleboro Area Civil War Commemorative Committee.

For movies, people favored documentary and classic films. We are going to have a summer afternoon classics film series at the library in conjunction with the Council on Aging.

It is hard to have cooking demonstrations without a kitchen, but I’ll try to find some more “non-bake” programs that we can do.

The best times for programs were clearly evening and Saturdays so we’ll plan more programs for Saturdays.

On the book count front, I’m up to 48 books with 6 more days in May. I’ve been reading Michael Connelly’s books for the 1st time and they are definitely hard to put down.