To Kill a Mockingbird is our 2008 community-wide book

This year the Library received a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts Big Read program for a community-wide read of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. We are partnered with UMass Boston’s Healey Library and WUMB-FM, Newburyport Literary Association, and the Silver Lake School and Gallery in the grant. Our events will include a visit by Charles Shields, author of Mockingbird, the biography of Harper Lee. We will also focus on North Attleboro in the ’30s with a music of the ’30s event. Other activities are still in the works.

We are encouraging groups around town to participate in book discussions. We will provide guides courtesy of the NEA. If anyone has ideas for other programs, please contact Maggie at the library.

Visit our Books Open Doors home page to keep up with the latest.

Romance suggestions

There are new romance writers and romance genres coming along every year. We don’t have the space to collect or even store all authors so we would like your help in deciding which authors and genres are the most popular. Do you like contemporary like Jennifer Cruisie? Historical like Jane Feather? Vampire romance? Western romance? Gentle romances?

Best of Masterpiece Theater

In February ’07 Masterpiece Theater had a show that showed the most popular series they’ve ever run. Here is a clickable list for you to place holds throught the system. (Thanks to Susan for writing down the titles!)

Upstairs Downstairs
Forsyte Saga
I Claudius
Bleak House
Prime Suspect especially the last show which isn’t available yet
Jewel in the Crown
Poldark (at least 2 series are in the system)
House of Cards
Fortunes and Misfortunes of Moll Flanders
Wives and Daughters
Jeeves and Wooster

Playaway: Listen while you work, or play, or travel, or wait

The newest technology in audiobooks is a system called Playaway. Essentially it is a small — think tic-tac box–electronic gadget that has an entire book stored in its memory. Just plug in your own earphones and put the gadget in your pocket and you’re ready to listen while you work, travel, wait in line, do the dishes — whatever. Our circulation director, Ellen, is finding them perfect to listen to as she does her chores at home. With two busy children, it’s hard to fit in time to read, so this way she can listen to new books.

The easiest way to see which titles are available in playaway format is to search in iBistro by typing in playaway.