100 books a Year!

With the new Past Checkout tabs in iBistro (our catalog), I was able to create a list of all the books I’ve read this year. I’ve passed 100! At least 1/3 of them are audiobooks which makes sense given all my commuting to work and visiting my parents. Almost all of them are fiction of one kind or another. I really should read more nonfiction.

It turns out that many other people have been interested in pursuing this goal. Here are some other blogs about reading 100 books in a calendar year:


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Book Vixen (her challenge is to read more books than you read last year)

It might be fun to join a group for next year, but I think I’d like to set some goals for myself:

1) Read a classic I haven’t read yet. I’ve read a lot of English and Russian classics, but almost no French or Italian. I downloaded Les Miserable by Victor Hugo on my new Kindle. It’s a free download from Project Gutenberg.

2) Read more non-fiction. I really like history, but I get suckered into fiction because it is so easy to read. There’s a Modern Scholar series on the McCarthy hearings that I’ve wanted to try.

3) And, of course, try for another 100 books.

My favorite books this year? I really liked the 2 books (In the Woods and Faithful Place) by Tana French that I listened to. I’m now reading her 2nd book, The Likeness. I mentioned Cutting for Stone and Major Pettigrew Takes a Stand before. I’ll be recommending these for our Book Pot Luck on February 5.