How Do You Want Your Library News?

Social Media. It’s all around us and, for most of us, it’s messy. There is Facebook with posts on everything from grandchildren, sports, politics, food, books, problems, and sharing our “Likes.” Then there is Twitter, which hasn’t really been on my radar, with its short compactness.

At the Library we have moved from our print newsletter to our email newsletter. We send press releases to the local papers. We have a website we can update to tell about closings due to weather. We have the Friends Facebook page which I use to post about things that are happening around the library.

But, here’s the question: How do YOU want to receive library news?Twitter picture

If you subscribe to Twitter, I might tweet about when tax forms are in, a program that’s happening, changes to the catalog or OverDrive, or new books we’ve bought for OverDrive.

I could also post about these on Facebook, but there don’t tend to be pictures. From what I can tell, the better the picture the more “likes” you get.

Some of this kfacebook picind of information I can post on the website, but not as easily. The Library News “blocks” have pretty much been taken up by other things. If there was an interest, however, I could set up a static webpage called “Breaking News” and put short updates on that. Here’s my work around for now: Click on Library News or What’s New to find the links to my Twitter, Facebook and Blog pages.

Please let me know what works for you. That’s what we’re here for.


Fairy Tales Retold and “Into the Woods”

snow whiteI went to see Into the Woods last night. I enjoyed it, especially the song “Agony.” I’m a big Sondheim fan and I’ve seen the Broadway version that played on television (and is available as a video.) I like the way his music tells a story. Sometimes Broadway shows in the past were just a vehicle to display the songs which could easily be sung as solos.

I’m also a big fairy tale fan. I read all of Andrew Lang’s colored series when I was a kid. I’ve put together a Pinterest page of good Fairy Tales Retold. When you click on the picture you are taken to a new page that has the link to our catalog.

Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling have done several anthologies of retold tales. Many of them are very interesting.