What Goes into Creating a Display?

Every month the library has several displays of books, audios, and dvds to entice people to check them out. Browsing the books on the shelves throughout the library can be overwhelming, even in a small library like ours. It is easy to miss good fiction and nonfiction once they are no longer “new.”  Displays allow older books to find new readers.

Choosing a theme for the display is actually the hardest part. For the big display near the elevator, I need to be able to make a list of at least 50 items to keep it full for a month. Some themes are yearly repeats: Debut fiction in January, Blind Date for February, Thrillers for sometime in the summer. Often I think of some word that might appear in several titles. This month I saw the Easter eggs in a bowl downstairs and I remembered how much I enjoyed Easter Egg Hunts. So the theme is “A’ Hunting We Will Go.” There were plenty of books with titles or subtitles that featured hunt, hunting, hunter, hunted.

The smaller “Around the Staircase” display only needs 20-25 books so I can choose themes that are more focused. This month we are featuring books with libraries in them because April 7-13 is National Library Week. You may not know this, but many librarians are mystery fans, and many mystery writers have set their series in libraries — usually with cats!

After we did a serious weeding of the nonfiction books last summer, we created a new display space near the Large Print books. This usually features nonfiction titles and is a very small display. Since April is Poetry Month, we are displaying some of our poetry collection.