What are Your Recycling Questions?

On Saturday, September 28, at 1 pm, we have invited Michele Bernier of the North Attleboro Solid Waste Department to the Friends Book Sale to talk about recycling in North Attleboro. The sale is at the former Allen Avenue School near the Mall.

Why is recycling so hard? When I talk to friends and co-workers, we struggle with what seems like the inconsistency of the rules. Why can you recycle something in one state and not in the other? What happened to those numbers on plastic? Why can’t you recycle small pieces of paper — and did you know you shouldn’t?

The Town does have a new improved list of what can go in to the mixed recycle bins: https://www.nattleboro.com/solid-waste-department

However, we still have questions. Here are some of ours. If you have a question about recycling, please email me — mholmes@sailsinc.org — or call the library so we can be sure to get the answers from Michele.

1) We aren’t supposed to recycle tissue boxes, but we can recycle envelopes with plastic windows. What if we ripped off the plastic?

2) Speaking of boxes, how small are we supposed to make the pieces we put in the recycling?

3) What happens to the recycling in North Attleboro?

4) What are people living in apartments or housing buildings supposed to do?

5) What can we do with shredded paper?

6) What should we do with styrofoam or the styrofoam “popcorn”?

7) What can we do with bubble wrap?

Results from our Quasquicentennial Challenge

We had 3 staff members, 2 children and 3 adult patrons participate. I realized after I started that I had forgotten to mention some basic rules: no words forming plurals by adding s, no proper names, no words that needed punctuation (a-sea, for example), no foreign words and no words that weren’t really words. The biggest problem people had was not adding extra letters (there is only one 1 that you can use, and no r or d.) What was surprising was how may new words showed up on each list that was submitted. I did accept cities (since you couldn’t make city) and its (since it isn’t a plural.)

Everyone who participated (and isn’t a staff member) will get a certificate to redeem at the book sale for either free books (the kids) or free raffle tickets to submit to the raffles.

Thank you — Maggie. I’m attaching the pdf of the entire list of 325 words we came up with.

Quasquicentennial Challenge Results