Time for the Big Books!

There are several long books that I would love to read: Catherine the Great by Robert Massie (625 pg), Anna Karenina (726 pg), Team of Rivals (916 pg) and some Dickens books (700+ pg).  I never seem to have time to read them, however. What am I doing wrong? Is it that I keep getting distracted by a mystery that’s a quick easy read? Or the next book in a series?

I discussed this with my sister at Thanksgiving and she noted that the Harry Potter books are fairly long and I had read them (and read them again) fairly quickly.  So it may depend not so much on the number of pages but on the style of writing.  I know it takes me longer to read the older writers now than it used to. When I took my Russian Literature course, I was reading the books easily, despite their long descriptions. Also, does nonfiction take longer to read?

I would love to have a book discussion group that does long books, but how long would you have to give people to read each book? It should only take twice as long to read as a 400 pg book, right? And some in our group do that in 2 weeks.

Is anyone interested in trying to read and discuss some longer books? Would it be easier in the winter or the summer? Fiction or nonfiction? Most biographies are over 500 pages now and several, such as Robert Caro’s story of LBJ, cover  volumes.

Don’t forget that Book Pot Luck is coming up. Think of some of your favorite books to recommend to others (as long as they aren’t bestsellers like Defending Jacob or Gone Girl.) You can even suggest some Big Books!