Making of Adult Programming

I take a vacation in early October before gearing up for an intense 5 months of work planning the adult programming for the year. The Town-wide Read project, in particular, takes many hours over many weeks to put together. This year I had decided which book by last March. Hidden Figures was a wonderful movie and the book was equally interesting. With all the focus on Black Lives Matter and the Women’ Marches, the book seemed to be a timely look at where we’ve come from and how far we need to go.  I met with a small committee to plan the events to go with the themes of science and technology and supporting interest in these areas by everyone. This has involved many, many emails back and forth to pull together as well as a lot of publicity.

The Blind Date With A Book display takes much more time than the usual monthly displays. The purpose of our displays is to highlight books that are good, but may not have become bestsellers. Usually the displays are based on a theme that is chosen somewhat on a whim. The Blind Date books, however, are all books that some reader has rated as A on our blue rating sheets in each fiction book. I then check in Goodreads to see if the book was also well-rated there. Then I need to create a teaser blurb to put on the outside of each wrapped book that will attract the attention of a new reader.

Planning with Dr. Hylander can be tricky for two reasons: he’s not easy to get in touch with and his schedule is often tight. Once we do catch up with each other, it is easy to plan what he will talk about because he can talk about anything! His spring program will be a 3-part series on America 1968 and is scheduled for Thursdays, May 3, 17 and 31. While I had him on the phone and we were brainstorming, we scheduled the fall program on Freedom of the Press and the Courts which will be Thursdays, Oct 4, 18, and Nov. 1.

Sometimes presenters reach out to us, such as Ted Reinstein who did such a wonderful presentation on General Stores. Sometimes we have a returning presenter that is paid for with Cultural Council monies such as Greg Maichack who does our pastel workshops. And sometimes we get recommendations from other librarians around the state. This summer we will have Arron Krerowicz do a program called Stairway to Zeppelin: The Roots of Led Zeppelin. Krerowicz has been praised by everyone who has had him do a presentation.

I hope you have been enjoying the programs we plan and that you keep coming.