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August 21, 2017

Comfort Reads: Mac & Cheese for the Soul

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These days I’ve found that I’m having trouble reading books that get my “fight or flight” system going, even though the book may be well-written (Try Hum if You Don’t Know the Words by Bianca Marais; I’ll read it when things have calmed down.) I think I am just overloaded with the events in the news. However, I never stop reading; I just turn to my comfort reads.

Comfort reads are very personal. No one can really recommend to you what you would consider comforting. Many times it has to do with something in your childhood. In my case, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, is on my list because my father brought it to me when I was sick.

Others include:

  • Agatha Christie
  • Jane Austen
  • Harry Potter
  • PG Wodehouse
  • Louise Penny
  • Many of my fantasy authors (Hobb, Sanderson, Kay)
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Patrick O’Brien

I’ve been collecting many of these authors in audio so when my eyes go I can still listen.

There is an blog from Australia about the site’s staffs’ comfort reads: https://www.readings.com.au/news/our-best-comfort-reads

What are yours?



January 25, 2010

Jane Austen redux

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The talk around the Circulation Desk this morning was of the WGBH’s new version of Emma. Two people liked it and two did not. I didn’t even finish watching the whole episode. I am in the middle of listening to Emma on tape read by Prunella Scales who plays Miss Bates in the Kate Beckinsdale version. It is so funny that the television show paled in comparison. The show just didn’t give the combination of poking fun at and really caring for the characters that Austen does so well. What do others think?

We also were talking about reading a Jane Austen book together with one of the books based on her books. Any one think of a good pairing?

December 4, 2007

Jane Austen Books and Discussion

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Jane Austen is my “comfort” read, listen-to, and watch! And I know I’m not the only one. There has been a slew of new Jane Austen related books as well as the new Being Jane movie (which I, for one, am boycotting — but we will probably buy for the library.)

Library Journal just published an article about the Jane Austen phenomenon.

And I’ve updated our list of Jane Austen sequels and spin-offs into a brochure with descriptions. I’m including a linkable list here. I’d love to hear from people about which versions they have liked. The Pamela Aiden series is quite good (although it needs a good proofreader) and I’ve already read it twice. I did not care for the Alexandra Potter book, but I did finish it which is more than I can say about Darcy’s diary. I just re-listened to Sense and Sensibility and realized that I don’t really like it. The secondary characters aren’t as fun as those in Pride and Prejudice or Emma. Which is your favorite Austen?

Pride and Prejudice Sequels and Spinoffs

Sense and Sensibility Sequels and Spinoffs

Emma Sequels and Spinoffs

  • A Visit to Highbury: Another View of Emma by Joan Austen-Leigh Also Later Days at Highbury.
  • Jane Fairfax: Jane Austen’s Emma, Through Another’s Eyes by Joan Aiken

Mansfield Park Sequels and Spinoffs

Persuasion Sequels and Spinoffs

Featuring Jane Austen

Other Austen-related novels

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