Debut Fiction and Library Aware Newsletters

Usually the big display for January is “New Kids on the Block — Debut Fiction” which features the books the library purchased during the previous year that are the first novels by the authors featured. This year, however, I decided to put books on display that were rated “A” on the blue slip we put in the back of our books AND were about to get “weeded” due to not being taken out during the last four years. This would give these books one last chance to be read.

So I have made a clickable list of the 2019 Debut Fiction for you to browse on-line. This also gives me a chance to talk about our Library Aware Newsletters. If you get our This Month at the Library and Special Notification emails, you are already subscribed to two of the newsletters. However, Library Aware provides many more that will bring curated lists of new books on various topics with links to our library. You can see the complete list on our sign-up page:

Some of the newsletters are home-grown. In other words I create them. This includes the quarterly Debut Fiction list, Local and Popular Reviews (weekly), Best Books of the Year (yearly), and Book Pot Luck (yearly). I often make the school Summer Reading list as a newsletter as well. If you like to get reading suggestions through email, sign up on our page.

Debut Fiction of 2019


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