Results from our Quasquicentennial Challenge

We had 3 staff members, 2 children and 3 adult patrons participate. I realized after I started that I had forgotten to mention some basic rules: no words forming plurals by adding s, no proper names, no words that needed punctuation (a-sea, for example), no foreign words and no words that weren’t really words. The biggest problem people had was not adding extra letters (there is only one 1 that you can use, and no r or d.) What was surprising was how may new words showed up on each list that was submitted. I did accept cities (since you couldn’t make city) and its (since it isn’t a plural.)

Everyone who participated (and isn’t a staff member) will get a certificate to redeem at the book sale for either free books (the kids) or free raffle tickets to submit to the raffles.

Thank you — Maggie. I’m attaching the pdf of the entire list of 325 words we came up with.

Quasquicentennial Challenge Results

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