Volunteering at the Library

People often ask if we need volunteers at the library. We already have people who put away the books when they are returned and do the shelf-reading. There are some projects in the Reference Department, however, for people who are interested in history, research and computers. These projects are perfect for a person who is a self-starter and isn’t looking for the social aspect that some jobs involve. (Not that we aren’t social — libraries aren’t the quiet places they once were.)

  • Digitizing the Historical Commission’s descriptions of historical houses in North Attleboro. We had a gentlemen start this project and get it organized, but we need people to keep entering the information. Also we’d like to add photos of the houses to the database.
  • Indexing our local history books. We’d like to have the names and places that are mentioned in the books, North Attleboro Then and Now and North Attleboro: An Affectionate History put into a searchable list.
  • Indexing the pictures we have of the WWII veterans.

If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, stop by the library to talk to Maggie.


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