Boston Globe Article on Chick Lit

Meredith Goldstein wrote an article about a Chick Lit Book Club in the Boston Globe on Dec. 10, 2008. It is very thought-provoking. Many people dismiss the genre — as they do many genres such as mysteries and romance — without trying it. Our book group at the library has read a romance (Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ Ain’t She Sweet) which was a good discussion. And we really enjoyed Jeanne Ray’s Eat Cake which is a middle-aged chick lit, I suppose.

Here are links to the books the Cambridge Chick Lit Book Club has read. Maybe you’d like to read them and talk about them too.

Tuccillo, Liz    How to be Single

Giffin, Emily   Baby Proof

Bushnell, Candace   Sex and the City (which is nonfiction because it is her columns)

Stewart, Leah   The Myth of You & Me

McElhatton, Heather   Pretty Little Mistakes.

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